How to Keep A Part Time Lover – Tips On Working a 9-5 While Having A Business on The Side

Some mompreneurs are great at pushing and pressing on at the start of their business, when things are going well not so bueno. NewLatinaPost 1They are able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, a sink and even the tub! It’s crazy how urgency will make some hustle like no other. Then you have other

single mompreneurs who work a 9-5 and their business on the side whenever they can find the time. I’ve been in both situations, but
having a part-time job while I pursue my purpose has been super helpful. If it wasn’t for my kid’s selfish ways of needing a meal every day, and oh yes, shelter, this chica would be taking major risk, and probably living in her car. We do what we have to do in order to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. But when you have children there are some sacrifices you just are not able to make.


In the Caterpillar Stage


Once you take that leap, though, and get a taste of pursuing your purpose, it’s really hard to go back. It’s like telling a beautiful butterfly that’s learned to spread its wings and fly to turn into a caterpillar again. NOT going to happen.

So how does one find balance from being in what I call “the in-between”–when you’re not quite ready to go full-force on your business, but are itching to get out of the confinements of the 9-5?

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