How to Run A Business Like A Man

How to Put Man In BusinesswoMAN

There’s a preconceived notion about women in the workforce. Business success was a label and role once held by men, while women were labeled homemakers.  Men are driven and outspoken; and women are labeled pushy and emotional. If we’re hard in the boardroom like Keyshia Cole said “we’re labeled bitches, but if men do it, they’re just being businessmen.”  Will those labels change anytime soon? Maybe not soon enough for some. Personally, I embraced the label of being a bitch because it was necessary for me, not just as a woman in business but as a single mom. I felt the label and even the hard actions of being a “bitch” were necessary for those who underestimated me to think twice about disrespecting me.

That approach, is now becoming an old way of thinking. Thanks to so many women stepping into leading roles in the corporate world, and the rise of the mujer entrepreneur. Women are now changing things and how we’re perceived.

So how do we continue to change the tides and embrace those great male characteristics and actions that our male counterparts do so well and put our spin on it so that we’re the new example of successful business mujeres (women)?

Putting The Male Spin on It

Instead of talking about it, I’ll give you some examples of ACTIONS that women have taken to embrace their great business lessons from men and put their own spin on it.

Preparation & Lost Opportunities

Carmen Murray, CEO of Title 9 Productions & Mother of Two

“What I learned is that I spent a lot of time preparing, there were certain things that were in front of me that were like doors to walk through. And I was like, ok wait a minute; I have to make sure everything is right. I need to make sure and that’s when we’re detailing and want everything perfect and maybe another man standing next to me decided to step through because it didn’t matter if he was ready or not he was going to go through. So I think what I learned about myself is don’t hesitate. I would say to myself, no go get it, don’t wait, and when you get there you’re going to figure it out. So just preparing but don’t prepare so long that you lose the opportunity. Just take a leap.”

Doing What’s Best For Yourself Before You Can Help Others

Ibeth Carcamo, Attorney

Emotions Aside for The Best of The Client

“One thing I’ve noticed that men do well is that they don’t allow themselves to get emotional in business. In one particular case I learned about a burned victim and hearing his story made me so emotional I had to step out to cry. My associate (a man) advised me I couldn’t do that and that we were here to help the client and I needed to learn not to get emotional.”

Ibeth didn’t learn to be less emotional, but more so used her compassion for the client to win the case.

Not Confusing Just Doing Business for Disloyalty

“As women we are too loyal sometimes. I had an opportunity for a better position and better pay, but I couldn’t leave my current employer because he (boss) gave me my first opportunity. After speaking with a male friend he said it was just business and that my employer would understand.”

Ibeth left the firm and with the blessing of former employer and mentor because, like her friend advised, he (boss) understood that it was just business. No hard feelings.

Who’s in Charge Here?

Ibeth told me how when she and her male colleague would enter a business meeting that if it was a man meeting them, regardless of race or age, they would always assume that her male colleague was in charge. When in reality she was the one in charge in most cases and the man with her was working for her.

Ibeth said the most important thing she learned was not to let this get to you. Her advice “have the confidence in knowing your worth, and displaying that in your actions. If you do that people will know who’s in charge.”

Underestimated is an Understatement

Elizabeth Stewart, Co-founder and CEO of Hub LA

Elizabeth explained to me how women in business are definitely underestimated. She shared with me that was the general consensus towards her at the beginning stages of her business. She also noticed how the dynamics changed when she would enter meetings with her new male co-founder. However, she didn’t take it personally, instead she learned to embrace what a partnership that had a man and a women brought to the table. It gave her a new sense of appreciation for what women brought to the table that men couldn’t.

Men are often perceived as more threating in a sense, where women are not. This may allow women to close more deals, come with new ideas, and form new partnership without having the sense of having only a self interest in mind.

How to put the woman in businessWOman

Elizabeth’s advice for mujer entrepreneurs (and even corporate mujeres)

When we own who we are, show up as ourselves, and take what businessmen do well and then turn around and make it our own that’s when we’ll find success

Amen Elizabeth! There is no denying that we can learn a lot from our male counterparts, but like Elizabeth and the other ladies learned taking the lessons of men and then using our strength in combinations will definitely take us to another level, not just as women leaders and entrepreneurs, but as great examples for our daughters.

Can you imagine what our daughters (and next generation of women) will bring to the table thanks to this shift of new women leaders and entrepreneurs?

Now whether male or female, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.

A Quote That Rings True for Any Entrepreneur

Cynthia Fulinara – CEO of Gift Vine

“Your vision can come into fruition. Have faith in yourself and don’t allow fear to restrict you.  A lot of business, products and ideas started out just like yours.  Utilize your resources and support system, you’ll be surprised how far you can get!”


*Carmen Murray quote originally posted on interview.

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