How to “Trade Fear for F*ck it!!” With Tanisha Love Ramirez – (#14 – PODCAST INTERVIEW)

Meet Tanisha Love Ramirez, an all-around kick ass mujer, writer, media professional and content creator. Only 12 months into pursuing her passion and she’s already been featured on such sites as,,,, and to name a few.

Tanisha is a great example of someone who knows how to own her voz chingona. A title I give to women that know how to write from their core without fear, are great at being relatable, and turn that into a great brand.

She’s accomplished a lot these past months, in part, because this mujer understands the importance of   knowing who you are, where you want to be, and who you want to become.


  • How Tanisha turned her severance package into a sponsorship for self and used it to pursue her passion.
  • Want to become a freelance writer or just improve your writing and learn to brand it the right way? Follow Tanisha’s steps to staying motivated, finding inspiration, and finding the right connections.
  • How to get over ‘El Que Diran’ (what will others think) when it comes to your writing.
  • How to deal with negativity and backlash, and remembering that clicks are your currency.
  • Tanisha’s advice on how to make a plan for yourself that will help you kick fear to the curb
  • Why she believes everyone voice is “worthy of being heard”. If you’re a blogger you’ll definitely want to check this out.
  • Learn how to reach out to people on twitter and the importance of doing it the right way.
  • Find out why Tanisha believes it’s not only important to have a niche, but also finding the right one that fits you. Hint: It doesn’t just have to be one.
  • Time management the right way: Why she’s the queen of list building, using a timer, and why setting goals for time management will keep you accountable



On how she used her fear to push her forward rather than hinder her:

“Fear gave way to a sit or screw it kind of attitude, where you have to trade one f word for another, trade fear for f*ck it! It was so organic for me and all of a sudden I was doing the best work I’ve ever done. I was so mad at myself for having let fear get to me for so long”

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