Mentorship & The Power of Ask With Marjoriet Matute (#33 – PODCAST INTERVIEW)

Superwoman Marjoriet - Latina Entrepreneur

Meet, Marjoriet Matute, the epitome of a regular girl with superwoman powers. This mujer kicked cancer’s ass, and used her war wounds as inspiration and strength to write the story she wanted for herself. When doctors told her that her battle with cancer would leave her unable to get pregnant, she defied the odds by not just having one but two kids.

Today she’s a chef, a mother of two and a wonderful wife to one equally great guy. On her “off” time she inspires others through her organization Devin & Tristan Give Back. You’ll also find her on the Huffington Post as she writes about her celebrity interviews, and all things living your dreams and giving back in the process.



  • Her journey and not letting cancer define who she is
  • Why our outlook on the negative will determine its outcome
  • How vulnerability can bring great people into your life
  • How her life changed when she found the right Latina networks
  • Why its important to breath positivity into your everyday life
  • Why Marjoriet feels the right mentorships can impact the future of our communities
  • Find out how Marjoriet gets over the nerves while  interviewing celebrities
  • Her incredible writing process and the importance of being “organic”
  • Why the Power of Asking is so important
  • What being powerful means to Marjoriet
  • How she balances such a crazy and fun filled life. Note: This chica gives you a step by step
  • Find out how Marjoriet’s organization Devin & Tristen Give Back makes giving back so simple.



 “I knew I wasn’t going to die, I knew I had it in me to fight” Marjoriet Matute

“No, life is not about what’s possible, but rather that there is nothing that’s imposible”  Marjoriet Matute

“With faith anything is possible” Vinny (Marjoriet’s Husband)

“I took my cancer and made it part of my life, but a part of my life that I conquered. It was almost like a notch on my belt, not something that conquered me”  Marjoriet Matute



Want to learn more about Marjoriet and her organization? Make sure to visit the website at Devin & Tristan Give Back and like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Also, if you’re up for some great writing and interviews visit her at the Huffington Post.

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  • Lourdes Toro-rosas on Feb 01, 2014 Reply

    That’s my niece! She inspires me since the day she was born! i know her well! i helped bring her into this world. ask her mom (my sister) about that story! real funny and one of the family’s hysterical stories which will past from us to them and they to their.
    Marjoriet you are special!

    • Jacqueline on Feb 01, 2014 Reply

      She is very special for sure. Thank you for your comment Lourdes you had me laughing and feeling your love for her. Hope to hear the story one day…

  • Christopher Thames on Jan 30, 2014 Reply

    Keep moving forward Jackie!

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