Paving The Way To The Mountain Top With Ginger Zumaeta (#29 – PODCAST INTERVIEW)

Meet today’s Latina entrepreneur Ginger Zumaeta, founder of the HUB101. A place where the tagline is Diversity Rules. Conformity Kills. This mujer is as committed to diversity as her tagline. Having started several companies she knows first hand how difficult it can be. Now, she’s looking to use her knowledge, resources, and even her network to make sure  those with a diverse background have a fighting chance in startup.

It was such a pleasure having Ginger on the show not just because of her knowledge, but because of her passion for business and helping others succeed. When asked how are you Ginger? She simply responds “I’m living the dream!”   Now that answer is something to aspire to.


  • Why she decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship even after being offered a great position at NBC
  • How you’ll know if you’ll succeed as an entrepreneur
  • Where Ginger got her funding to start her first company
  • What does it mean to live lean as an entrepreneur
  • Gut checks, knowing needs versus wants, and patients. Why these are the key things you’ll need your first years in business
  • What hard lesson do entrepreneurs need to learn
  • What’s the best proof that your going to have a business
  • Why going out and taking action in your business attracts intentions and investors
  • What four questions should you be asking today to better your business
  • Why feeling like a fraud stops so many new entrepreneurs from getting help and input they need
  • How having the right mentorships will help you get further in your business faster
  • How Ginger is paving the way for other entrepreneurs and more on HUB101
  • HUB101 is taking applications. Have a great startup ladies? Now is the time to take action.


“What are you waiting for? Go out and produce something.” Ginger Zumaeta

“Having an idea is not having a business. Business is about sales” Ginger Zumaeta

“So many people self edit themselves out of opportunities. Don’t be afraid just go for it” Ginger Zumaeta


Want to learn more about Ginger and HUB101? They’re still taking applications chicas, so make sure to visit the website at Want to keep up on the latest updates make sure and like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter @hub101la @gingerzumaeta.

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  • Ginger on Dec 13, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity Jackie!

    • Jacqueline on Dec 13, 2013 Reply

      Thank you Ginger for coming on and helping us feel smarter about business.

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