The Importance of Knowing You Won’t be A Solo-Operation Forever with Naima Woodson (#6 – PODCAST INTERVIEW)

Meet Naima Woodson from Fit For A Kid. With a successful growing business, employees, and all while raising her two daughters as single mom, Naima proves that you can have it all (your all) if you plan right and learn to how balance.

Naima is not just creating great success in her life, but she’s also creating it in the state of our children’s health for the future. By pursuing her passion she is changing the state of obesity in our communities and introducing our kids to yummy nutritional choices along with fun exercises.

Find out why I believe my good friend is on her way to mogul mom status.


  • Find out how living a “robotic life” and wanting to spend more time with her girls pushed her to pursue her passion.
  • Why its important to whole heartedly believe in your affirmations and take action
  • Find out how she transitioned from the normal 9-5, and as she puts it, “jumped off the cliff”
  • The importance to have a cushion when you transition, but warns that too much may hold you back.
  • How a business plan is like  the “holy book” for business
  • How she feels about the belief that it may be harder out there for women of color when it comes to being entrepreneurs
  • Ways to pull in the right resources and pursue your passion regardless of color, race or gender.
  • Her advice on how to hire the right employees that will love your business
  • Find out why she believes that NETWORKING is 90% of your business
  • The balances of being a single mom & entrepreneur with just one key simple rule
  • The importance of scheduling in at least 30min a day for yourself 


On Taking Care of Yourself First:

“One thing that I live by is making sure that I’m taking a little bit of time for myself every day.  As a parent a lot of times we can lose sight of the fact that we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of our families”

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